4 Types of Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are made with short rollers guided in a cage. And relatively rigid against radial and have the lowest coefficient of friction of any form of heavy duty rolling-contact bearings.

Cylindrical roller bearings are used in high speed activities.

Spherical roller bearings

 Spherical roller bearings are made to be self-aligned by grinding one of the races in the form of sphere. And they are usually tolerating angular misalignment in the order of  .  Spherical roller bearings can be used with a double row of rollers, so they can carry thrust loads in either direction.

Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearing are made with relatively slender and completely fill the space so there is no need of a cage or a retainer. Needle roller bearing are used for heavy loads are to be carried with an oscillatory motion.

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are made with truncated cones whose elements intersect at a common point. These bearings can carry both radial and thrust loads and available as double row bearings and with different cone angles for use with different relative magnitudes of radial and thrust loads.

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